SAP Business Intelligence

We are a SAP Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting Company

awesome Service

e-MIN Solution stands for high level innovation, transparent process and trustful collaborations.

personal services providers

we are an personal services providers which are spezialised in SAP. Therefore we can offer you special service in SAP.

Business model

We are an SAP Consulting Company with core area Business Intelligence (BI) a trustful personal service provider.

By this exceptional setup we connect our experience in both area to provide you the correct candidate in contract or permanent. For us its the first place a long time partnership. We will stabilize by an excellent service.

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Welcome to smart recruiting with e-MIN – the future of recruitment

We live in a modern, high-tech age. Still people are the ones who create value, develop innovations, solve complex problems and master daily challenges. This is why our recruitment focuses on the “human factor”. This principle underlies all processes at e-MIN and brings unparalleled recruitment quality and more satisfaction on all sides.

e-MIN is a clever link between skilled experts and businesses in various industries. Our goal is to keep the recruitment process transparent and simple. As employer or freelancer, you only receive offers which pass the high requirements of our Quality Gates – and meet your own wishes, of course.