Our all-inclusive package

As a freelance consultant, you are gradually entering a new phase, where you can realize your personal goals. Starting out as a freelancer offers many chances, but also some hurdles, which you will easily master with our all-inclusive package.

Experts by your side: your emergency backup

We at e-MIN stand by your side right from the start: from the first introduction to matching clients until the project is finished. A designated contact is always available for you, so you can concentrate on your work and on what you do best.
Do you need to register a business? What will you need to be aware of? Which social security options are available for you? Which types of insurance do you need? Which tax regulations do you have to consider? Many freelancers feel slightly overwhelmed by all these questions and formalities when starting out. But never despair – we know the answers and actively support you!

Clever counseling

As a new consultant, e-MIN offers you a permanent contact partner, who answers all your questions and looks ahead to prevent potential problems from happening. Our all-inclusive package includes valuable advice for starting out in new projects, but also for seemingly commonplace things, like how to write a bill. So your success as a freelance consultant is guaranteed!