Smart Freelancing: your benefits as a freelancer

As a freelancer, you contribute specialized skills, experience and flexibility to make projects succeed. Our recruitment agency gives you access to companies and jobs which meet your exact requirements. What distinguishes e-MIN from typical recruitment agencies are our fair trade principles.

Carefully selected projects for more satisfaction

e-MIN takes great care to select suitable projects to recommend to freelancers. We have a keen eye for subtle differences and can clearly distinguish between specialist fields. So you get access to the projects you really want, instead of being flooded with offers. We consider your personal interests and preferences in our selection.

Fair trade for better pay

Many agencies demand huge commissions, which cut into the earnings specialists can expect. e-MIN takes a clear stance against this approach. Lean structures and flat hierarchies allow us not just to understand the needs of freelancers, but also keep costs and commissions low – and we are happy to share these benefits with our freelancers! Our low commissions also increase the chances for long-term projects.

Transparency: the foundation of our partnerships

To us, as a recruitment agency, “fair trade” means offering you full transparency. You always see what you earn and our commissions. Working with us also means fair, simple and understandable contracts. This maximum transparency is based on a trustworthy foundation for long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration.

Good (not) to know: privacy

Confidentiality and privacy protection are important to us. That is why we treat your personal data confidentially and never share it with others without your consent. We share your anonymized qualification profiles and job applications with interested companies, if you agree to this in advance. Of course, we always keep our IT security systems up to date.